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Nothing Instills More Wonder

than the peaceful sleep of a Swaddled Babe™

Babies Bring JOY

Nothing instills more wonder than the peaceful sleep of a Swaddled Babe™


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Quality products, excellent customer service and fast delivery. I love the muslin blankets because they are so big and light weight, my baby loves them and doesn't sleep with anything else!

Sarah G.

Unique and classy designs suitable for any kind of mom and lifestyle! I love these prints!

Alison H.

I couldn't wait to try the nursing/car seat covers! If anyone hasn't tried a cover like this I recommend buying it. They are amazing for taking away the stress of nursing in public.... Thank you, Swaddled Babe, for helping me feel prepared and pretty.

Rianne R.

I love my Swaddled Babe blankets! They were great for keeping my little guy nice and comfy... they are so lightweight and soft. It's even a great nursing cover. =)

Hilary C.

I absolutely love my Swaddled Babe products! The muslin swaddle is so light and breathable (and so adorable) my newborn loves it. The linen headbands are high quality, my newborn and three year old both wear them. Great products, great quality!

Rachael G.

...Affordable and oh so cute! Currently obsessed with the muslin swaddle, it's soft and breathable. Love how the swaddle is big enough to continue using even after the swaddling stage! 

Andrea O.

Bundled with Love

100% Cotton Muslin Swaddles


Muslin: The Perfect Choice


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