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Get to Know Swaddled Babe™

Swaddled Babe provides quality essentials to nurture babies with love, comfort and style. We specialize in muslin swaddle blankets- a necessity for every newborn and infant. Babies require a lot from their families and caregivers. We believe swaddles are the answer to ease your routine because

Nothing instills more wonder than the peaceful sleep of a Swaddled Babe.

Our Inspiration

Swaddled Babe was inspired by the magical season of welcoming a newborn into a family. Babies bring JOY! We've felt that joy when families unite to care for and love a new child. You see this when a mother or father holds their babe for the first time-- their eyes connect and in that moment, souls touch. And again when grandparents meet their new grandbaby and talk to them as though they've known each other for a lifetime. It is present when older siblings proudly introduce their new baby to others, as well as in the selfless devotion of the family giving their energy, time and love to their new addition. During the first year of life, baby is not the only one that grows. Love can grow in uncommon abundance- without bounds.

Our logo is a baby swaddled with a heart. This symbol signifies our belief that each child is a miracle and deserves to be bundled in love. Babies bring joy and inspire each of us in unique ways. Swaddled Babe is honored to join with you on that journey.