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Why Swaddle with Muslin?

Swaddling is a time tested practice and parents who swaddle their babe notice a difference. Wrapping a babe in a swaddle does more than just keep her warm, it also soothes baby with comfort and security.

Swaddling can improve baby's transition to life outside the womb. During the first few months of life, babies experience a natural reflex called the Moro Reflex. This involuntary startling movement creates a feeling of free-falling, making baby's arms startle up and outward, sometimes giving a gasp of breath and often waking a sleeping babe. A swaddled babe is less likely to wake themselves from the Moro Reflex and as all parents quickly learn, sleep is priceless!


Why Muslin?

Our founder swaddled each of her six children trying a variety of swaddling products, but when she discovered muslin it became her instant favorite and only choice. Muslin provides natural softness, functionality and easy care. Plus, it is lightweight and breathable making it the ideal choice for all seasons and varying climates.

Our Genuine Muslin swaddles are made of 100% cotton and are conveniently versatile. The extra large 47x47 inch size grows with your baby. Its breathable weave allows for proper air flow, reducing overheating and supporting better rest. They pack easily and are adaptable to different stages. Use as a swaddle,  nursing cover {conceal without making mom or babe too warm}, burp cloth, car seat or stroller blanket, tummy time/play mat, cuddle blanket, and more.